Friday, August 28, 2009

Shoot that poison arrow

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Let Cupid give your home a touch of decoration with some arrows...and just a touch of Neoclassicism. Here’s Mr. Peacock’s wish list of arrow goodies that even Psyche could love.

1) This vintage French gilt metal sconce with an arrow piercing the sun (one of a set of four) could add a touch drama in your home.

2) In the early 1990’s, Mr. Peacock resided at 72nd & Lexington in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. On nice days I would walk to my office near Bloomingdales. I would always pass by Gino’s Italian restaurant at 61st & Lexington and admire their iconic custom wallpaper—zebras leaping to avoid arrows (poor zebras). This zebra wallpaper was re-issued a few tears ago and comes in a few different color ways. Kate Spade has the green background wallpaper in her bathroom.

3) You don’t have to shoot zebras to appreciate the craftsmanship of these handmade arrows. A pair of arrows hung on the wall would make a graphic piece of art, or a vase full of arrows would make a chic decorative quiver.

4) If I had a yard, I would love some type of armillary sphere to hold court in my garden.

5) Mr. Peacock is swooning over this 1940’s metal chair (one of a pair) oozing with swags of decoration...and arrows.

6) Tripod arrow tables aren’t something new, however, this Golden Arrow Table has a fresh and modernist feel with the glass top.

7) X marks the spot with this 1940’s opaline topped wrought iron console adorned with Neoclassical arrows.

8) The arrows are pointing downward on this sleek 1960's polished brass tripod table (one of a pair), with a black marble top. It has a different vibe than the glass topped tripod table, but just as appealing.

9) You don’t have to limit your arrows to home décor. This graphic silver ring by Martin Margiela is pointing in the right direction.

10) A super soft t-shirt from Built by Wendy, with her iconic arrow logo.

11) When Mr. Peacock was about 12 years old, I was at a bus stop downtown with my sister and a group of shirtless 20-something guys were playing Frisbee nearby. Their Frisbee landed near us, and one fellow came over to retrieve the Frisbee. He said hello to us, and I immediately noticed his nipple was pierced with a tiny gold arrow. Mind you this was decades before piercing went mainstream, I’d never seen a pierced nipple until that moment and it fascinated me at 12 years old.

Watch out for Cupid! Have a great weekend.


David Toms said...

The console table is brilliant

thombeau said...

Fabulous. Of course!

Mr. Bluehaunt said...

#11......that sounds "formative".... :)

MJ said...

The arrows in my home aren’t quite as sophisticated.

joe*to*hell said...

i have that margiela photographs better than it looks....but it is fab. now i would like the tshirt please

mrpeenee said...

These are terribly sweet, especially the armillary. I want one.

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