Monday, August 17, 2009

It’s a Cruel Summer…

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"Hot summer streets, and the pavements are's a cruel summer." Bananarama

The summer has quickly flown by and Mr. Peacock can't believe it's already the middle of August! The stores are already taunting us with autumn goods. Here's some goodies to squeeze into the last weeks of the summer season:

1) Mr. Peacock's father was a golf pro, but had no patience giving me golf lessons. Instead, I was given many tennis lessons from the tan and blond tennis pro—Thad. I always had to wear “tennis whites” on the court, but this madras tennis racket cover would have been the bomb.

2) Nothing says summer like hearing the music from an Ice Cream Truck slowly cruising down a suburban street on a hot afternoon. This ice cream lollies (as the Brits call them) tea towel has iconic frozen treats that will take you back to the simple pleasures of a cherry popsicle, or a soft serve ice cream cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

3) Is it a sneaker or an espadrille!? At first glance these look like a pair of sneakers, but they’re actually constructed like an espadrille—with a woven jute sole. These "artificial sneakers" would be perfect for wearing to Labor Day parties.

4) This $20 blue hang out hammock will fit right into your tote or back pack and is perfect for an impromptu nap between a couple of trees while your hiking in the backwoods, or just relaxing in your neighborhood park. It also comes in pink.

5) This tote bag is made from recycled sailboat sails. It would be perfect for carrying goodies to your summer cookout.

Mr. Peacock
loves this silly video of the Bananarama girls traipsing around Manhattan on a hot humid summer day in the early 80's. Happy summer everyone!


Jill said...

My tennis pro is a cute little chick named Shelby...I adore her, but it sounds like I'd like looking at Thad!


It's going to be Thanksgiving before we know it! Time to bring Bananarama back to the front line...Venus was a great moving song as well!


MJ said...

I'd just be happy if people would stop wearing CROCS.

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