Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clock Watchers Unite

The time dilemma—there's always too much or not enough? Time is such a factor in our modern lives. I know many folks who simply use their cell phone/PDA as a watch, and their computer/laptop as a clock. Mr. Peacock still prefers an old-school watch and a nice display clock at home—something I can see at a glance in each room. I like the typography of the numbers on vintage and old-school style clocks, but I also like the sleekness of clock faces without numbers. Here’s some clock goodies on Mr. Peacock's wish list:

(click image above to enlarge)
1) The Twice Clock is a small version of a two-sided railway station clock—you can see the clock face from both sides. It comes in white, black, or wood grain and can also be mounted on a wall. I like the clean, no fuss design of this small clock.

2) The vintage styling of this stainless steel kitchen scale clock does double duty—flip it around and it's a food scale (see right).

3) You can “watch time” with this 1930’s clock advertising Gruen watches. It came from a Midwest jewelry shop. I especially like the numeral four on this vintage clock face.

4) Mr. Peacock couldn’t resist including these brunch plates adorned with different clock faces—you won’t be able to tell time with them, but they’re handsome dishes (and on sale too).

5) This understated and elegant desk clock looks like a souvenir from the film Gattaca. The silver plated bronze exterior box displays the time (including seconds) with digital nixie tube numbers.

6) At five feet tall, this motorized 1950’s street clock on a stand would be very unexpected in a backyard garden—or very dramatic in a loft or large room. The hands and numerals on this clock face are sensuous and elegant.

7) Mr. Peacock has this classic stainless steel M&Co clock, sans numerals, in his kitchen—I can see the time at a quick glance while I’m cooking, or dashing out of the apartment.

8) I also have a reproduction Nelson Eye clock watching over me in my living room. This clock has to be one of my all-time favorites!

What kind of clock do you have at your place?


Christi said...

We love our clock in our bar area that is always set at 5:00. No matter the time of day, it is always 5:00 in that room and therefore,a great time for a cocktail!

jason said...

Love them all...but especially #s
3 and 5!

Augusto said...

Those are some nice choices. For functionality, I love my most recent clock which has a digital face but the really joy of it is that it projects the time and temp on the bedroom ceiling so I can eaily monitor my annoying insomnia.


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yup they all are loveable .

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