Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tweed Run Kit—2010

The Tweed Run bicycle jaunts have come and gone in London and San Francisco, but don’t let the spirit of the ride end now. These peacock provisions are both functional and handsome, whether you’re cycling to the market or just taking a Sunday stroll. Plus, you’ll be prepared for next year’s Tweed Run!
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1) Sure, a pair of brogues would look fantastic, but these handsome leather and burnished suede boots would be more practical while your pedaling through the grime of the city. Order a pair here.

2) This tweedy plaid rose would look quite dapper pinned to your jacket as a boutonnière. More information here.

3) Driving gloves are essential for the gentleman bicyclist, and these perforated and strapped beauties from Dunhill would be quite chic while holding onto the handlebars of your bike...or even while carrying a bag of groceries. More information here.

4) Hark back to a time when dapper gentlemen (see photo at right) rode high wheel bicycles. Mr. Peacock loves the graphic simplicity and color of this old-time bicycle t-shirt! Buy one here.

5) This safari inspired herringbone tweed shooting jacket has all of the elements that Mr. Peacock likes for his expeditions including: epaulettes, leather buttons, plaid lining and roomy pockets for supplies (ie…your flask, see #9). Order one here.

6) This roll-up wool Pendleton blanket would come in handy at Dolores Park, sitting on the damp grass while you’re waiting for the San Francisco Tweed Ride to begin. You can either throw it over your shoulder with the straps or carry it by the leather handle. This reversible camp blanket would also come in handy when you go hiking or for a picnic. Get one here.

7) This Dutch bicycle is at the top Mr. Peacock’s wishlist, however, I would have some trepidation leaving this vintage inspired bike parked on city streets. More information here.

8) I don’t think there’s a Rod Keenan hat that isn’t on Mr. Peacock’s wishlist! This wooly Tyrolean inspired hat, with the feather detail on the side, would be the icing on the cake for your Tweed Run ensemble. More information here.

9) This whiskey flask could hold your distilled beverage, or I guess if you’re a teetotaller— some warm Cambric Tea would be nice. More information here.


Unknown said...

Mr Peacock, what a truly debonnaire collection - enough to turn any lady's (or gent's) head as you pass by!

Yokota Fritz said...

Good day to you, Mr. Peacock.

I applaud your splendid collection of bicycling outerwear and accessories, Sir. Furthermore, I am grateful for the link to my website.

Uncle Beefy said...

I will take every single thing!!! Great collection! I am swooning!

Paul Pincus said...

love it! the timberland boot company suede and leather lace-up is SO great looking!

Mr. Peacock said...

Thanks everyone!
I'm glad you liked
the Tweed things.

FAPORT International said...

Beautiful collection, i like all your blog:)